Quantitative Concepts

by Fred Arbogast


This site contains a number of spreadsheet and website ideas that have been developed over the years using Microsoft Excel and FrontPage.  Some of the concept files are available for free and others may be obtained for a nominal fee.


The topics under study vary from everyday items to odd tangential explorations and to technical programs.  Most assign priority to precise quantities, but quality is important too.  So the spreadsheet by it's very nature is a quantitative tool.  When Excel came out at the end of the1980s, it was a game changer that permitted us to creatively model what was in our imagination.  So take a look at mine in the following screenshots . . . Click on any image to enlarge.


Email me at  arbo@quancepts.net if you would like to discuss or obtain an xls file.   

fireballBaccarat.jpg (536878 bytes)

Fireball Baccarat is a casino game available in Reno and the South Shore of Lake Tahoe that was popularized in the Ian Flemming, James Bond movies.  007 was seen at the Baccarat Tables briefly in each movie, as in "Gold Finger".  It's a card game with a lot of watchful "supervisions" observing the game from the house and certain fixed win/loss rules for winning and losing. One must use special betting techniques in "Fireball Baccarat" and if disciplined, they can bring profits . . . as well as losses!

PairedComparison.jpg (609008 bytes)

Ranking by "Paired Comparison".  A preferred order is generated by sequentially selecting one left or right choice from a randomly presented unique pair. (max 36 participants but expandable)

FractionalReserveLending.jpg (112105 bytes)

Fractional Reserve Lending -  Paper "greenbacks" are deposited in a commercial bank account.  The Bank keeps a "fraction" for its "reserves", & then loans the rest to a borrower.  9 times the initial deposit is loaned our eventually.  This practice was started with the German goldsmiths and then perpetuated by the Rothschilds.  Now it's a world wide conspiracy.

 HeatExchanger.jpg (201654 bytes)

Double Pipe Heat Exchanger Calculations. 

You set the flow conditions and Get Output

FluidFlow.jpg (205542 bytes)

Fluid Flow / Pressure Drop Study - Pipe Incompressible Fluid Flow Calculations.  Set flow and pipe dimensions, get the Pressure Drop.

 StreakBetting.jpg (168010 bytes)

Streak Betting - Enables one to see how the knowledge of streaks can lead to winning ("staying the course") gambling strategy.  You can practice with this unique betting strategy and approach.

Residential Construction Cost Estimate.jpg (414481 bytes)

Residential Construction Cost Estimate - Including a "Range Estimating" functionality.  This gives the Probability of meeting the Cost Estimate.

 PedigreeCollapse.jpg (172104 bytes)

Pedigree Collapse - Shows how human population must have increased through incest.

ManufacturingEconomics.jpg (176448 bytes)

Manufacturing Economics - This is how to evaluate profitability but with some modern methods added to NROI, including NPV, IRR

 Pitch.jpg (298801 bytes)

Harmonic Interference - Relates the sound pressure wave symmetry with chord dissonance.  You can try all kinds of multi-pitch chords.  Both the tempered as well as the harmonic pitches are included within the Study.

FractionalReserveMonetarySystem.jpg (231598 bytes)

Fractional Reserve Banking and the FED - Go to greytrek for informative "What-if" trials.  This is complicated but is a start at understanding the "Creature from Jekyll Island" (look it up!) and the Federal Reserve (that isn't Federal either)

BasisForDesign.jpg (243150 bytes)  Capital Project Basis for Design. Generated from many years in DuPont Project Engineering.  It's everything an engineering firm needs to complete before embarking on final design for a large chemical plant.

GrandJuryCostEstimate.jpg (337437 bytes)

Group Cost Estimate - In this case it was developed to estimate costs for the 19 members of a Grand Jury.  This could be used as a tool for managing and controlling costs for any small group.  It uses Range Estimating.

MemoryStudy.jpg (116315 bytes)

Regional Memory Study - You can input word concepts and quickly  see how a concept might lead to altered ideas leading to big surprises. Note that when one dreams, strange things can appear.  It may be due to limited information available in the Regional Memory.  Try it out on greytrek.

HOACostManagement.jpg (224252 bytes)

HOA Cost Management - There are several other screens that can be seen on assncostmgt.com  This is as great way to manage and control home owners operating and maintenance costs.

EPAS Range.jpg (358929 bytes)

Early Project Analysis System (EPAS Range).  This combines a Factored Estimate approach with Range Estimating for estimating the design and construction cost for a chemical plant. This Venture Guidance Appraisal would be completed with construction forecast numbers and marketing information before a Scope of Work is produced.

Positions.jpg (480622 bytes)

Stock Portfolio Management can be executed  using systems provided on-line by popular traders.  This method employs Excel to do it with external data from Big Charts Quotes so that current prices are included in the calculations.  The example portfolio has not made any money yet but anticipates . . . and yes, waits for a profitable future.


PersonalFinance.jpg (678841 bytes)

Personal Finance Monthly Management is a spreadsheet that balances your accounts, maintains linkage to previous  months, and permits next month forecasting.  You can print all of your regular financial records on one sheet of paper.

lp.jpg (225705 bytes)

LandPrints is a program for which property deed descriptions can be plotted to illuminate its shape.  More information is here:  http://landprints.com


CheckRegister.jpg (226535 bytes)

Check Register with Automatic Bank Balancing.   No Arithmetic, no Paper.


BusinessPlan.jpg (395140 bytes)

Business Plan Program - This is followed by Income, Cash Flow, Break Even and Assets & Liabilities for the first 3 years of operation.  it was developed some years ago in conjunction with the Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE).

roulette.jpg (397639 bytes)

American Roulette is a casino game that has been played for a very long time.  It  is very similar to the game played in Europe.  There are many systems of betting.  Unlike Baccarat, there are no cards and it's a much simpler way to loose your money!  Most players who have studied the betting use some form of the Martingale system where one increases the bet every time a loss occurs, commonly one doubles the bet.  Here one bets on a previous series of Red/Black spin results to repeat.  The series length can be 3, 4, or 5 spins results. The betting rules are in the upper left corner.  The program permits printing all decisions on Microsoft Word for manual practice, allows 495 consecutive spins at chosen time intervals, and even supplies the time of day in case one would like to take a break and then come back for another session without stopping the ongoing spin activity.